Beata Ridley – The Designer

Chein Noir Dezines’ designer Beata Ridley started sewing and designing when she was 14, but it was her further education and training in the theatrical arts and costume design that drew out her full creative design abilities.

Achieving both a certificate and diploma in these fields, she has since accumulated extensive experience in bridal couture in addition to her theatrical beginnings. With now over twenty five years of experience in bridal couture Chein Noir Dezines’ chief designer Beata Ridley knows how to create your dream wedding gown.

Having worked in the bridal industry for such an extended time Beata began to feel that many of today’s brides were missing out on the truly unique experience that a wedding can be; that the bride and her needs had been forgotten in a shuffle of profit margins, stock numbers and sales pressure. As such she struck out on her own, establishing her own design studio to restore the focus on the bride and her bridal party.

The result is Chein Noir Dezines, a true bridal couture studio that puts the needs of the bride first. Chein Noir Dezines seeks to create a wedding gown for each bride individually, from classical white gowns to the avante-garde of fashion, Chein Noir Dezines can create it for you. At Chein Noir Dezines we believe that every bridal gown needs to be as special and unique as the bride who wears it and as such part of our fundamental motto is that we don’t repeat our designs. So every gown is truly unique.

Beata now looks forward to every gown she creates, large or small it makes no difference, the highest quality of finish and construction is always sought because it is the experience of the bride and bridal party that is of the most importance to Chein Noir Dezines.

In a world with an ever increasing number of outlets for purchasing your gown, Chein Noir Dezines acknowledges that there are many gowns to be had in all price ranges, from the retail outlet, high street boutique and even on the internet. However Chein Noir Dezines, like our designer Beata Ridley, stands by the conviction that no gown or purchasing experience will be as wonderful as the experience of having your gown custom made. That is why we encourage you to contact us today to make an appointment for your free, obligation-free initial consultation to see just how Chein Noir Dezines can create your dream bridal gown.

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